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Scholarly Article Vs. Popular Media Article

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  • on October 24, 2010
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Scholarly Article vs Popular Media Article
Ana Snow
American Public University

This paper compares two published works; one scholarly article and a popular media article and how they individually vary in the way they present information. They also vary in the accuracy of their information. It is questionable as to why the popular article would have less accurate information, less reliable studies, and is so openly available to the public than would a scholarly article with intense research behind it. Time magazine published a story about How to bring an end to the war over sex ed overall stating that it is no longer just a matter of teaching abstinence only to the students, but also important to implement information on decision making and self esteem. The scholarly article An evaluation of an abstinence-only sex education curriculum: An 18-month follow-up shows a large study group of different levels in school, and a prolonged research period. It compares two different programs and how each student responded before and after the research was done. It states the opposite argument that the Time article published, and supports its findings with prolonged research.

Scholarly Article vs. Popular Media Article: Sex education, abstinence only?
The authors of the scholarly article are: George Denny and Michael Young, Journal of School health, published October1, 2006. This article claims that abstinence only sex education is effective and a subject not thoroughly researched in the past years; on the contrary, its ineffectiveness is what has been researched. According to the authors, the longer it takes to follow up on the students’ status after having taken an abstinence only class, the more effective it is as far as obtaining accurate results. This is why they chose to specifically use the eighteen month time frame. They presume that this allots the students enough time to initiate their first sexual intercourse. According to Denny and Young...

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