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Scholarly vs Pop Media Essay

  • Submitted by: Caceres23
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Scholarly vs. Pop Media Focus On Sexuality Luis X. Caceres Place Class Name Here American Military University Place Instructor Name Here

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Scholarly vs. Pop Media Focus On Sexuality


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My scholarly journal article that I pulled is called “What Are Parent Really Saying When They Talk with Their Children about Sexuality?” The study in the article was based upon 191 participants. After further examination a final count of 20 parents were interviewed. They were asked how they responded when their children brought up the topic sexuality, using 5 key Themes: “(1) Cultural and Religious Influences, (2) HIV/AIDS, (3) Lack of knowledge, (4) Support of information in schools, and (5) Lack of resources and books.” (Heller & Johnson, 2010). Implementing sexual education programs in schools is one of the most important efforts made to help inform both the children and the parents. There are two forms to sexuality education programs: (1) Implementing of school-based curriculums and (2) Home-based efforts that teach the parents how to communicate with their children about this topic. The 20 participants chosen to take place in the study, had to have a few requirements of their own. They had to have a child between the age of 6 and 7, had to be the birth-parent or step parent, and had to still be living at home with them. “Once the participants were interviewed they then completed the Parenting Styles and Dimensions...

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