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Scholarship Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 24, 2012
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A child of the Mariel boatlift, like many, I brought to America the dreams and hopes of my family. This particular journey and sacrifice has been instrumental into making me the ambitious, intelligent, and committed person I am today; it is my reason to strive forward and why I believe I would make a good student ambassador.   I am Brenda Arellano, a recent A.A. graduate of Miami Dade College and future nursing student. I would like to share with you the person I am and will continue to grow into, as well as my accomplishments at home, school, and within my community.   I certainly believe I’m deserving of this scholarship and can assure you I will make the best and most use of this opportunity to see my dreams through.
Today, as a wife and parent of three young girls, I understand the hopes and expectations they yearned for me, as I now have these exact hopes for my own children. I consider myself a strong motivator for my family and a role model for my children, lending credence by doing much more than by just telling. I know I can encourage, inspire, and motivate new students to attain their goals in much the same way. I’m a believer in positive affirmation, guidance, and in the power of strong leadership; all of which I am equipped with and capable of providing.
As a student, I am visionary (almost idealistic to a fault), driven and relentless. I desire a career in health care and now having successfully completed all prerequisites with a 4.0 G.P.A., and an all cumulative G.P.A. of 3.65, I’ve been granted entry into the very sough-after and highly competitive Miami Dade College Nursing Program. This choice is my attempt to make a difference; I truly wish to have the ability to contribute wholly to our community in a way that is necessary and important. I promise to do nothing but good with my powers! To experience health care firsthand, I took EMT-B courses this spring. After this experience, there is absolutely no doubt this is what I’m supposed to do. This...

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