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Scientific Research Essay

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We normally consider scientific research as of making inquiries, doing observations and conducting practical experiments in order to find the answers to various questions. Here it is important to note that since it is a research based on some of the information or data, some specific conditions, by making some hypothesis, therefore the results obtained at the end of the experiments are not giving an absolute answer as these are based on the evidence from the data instead of a fallacy, however it does give a close answer to the query.
Scientific research has always played a vital role in the human history right from its evolution. Though in the previous times the research wasn’t that accurate as it is today but still one can see that from the development of many medicines and different inventions in the past. In today’s world the scientific research is focusing on different aspects of human life e.g. AIDS, Cancer and such other life threatening diseases for which there were no cure available in the past but with continued research in the field of science we do have solutions to such things. Scientific research is not only focused on human life but also emphasizes on controlling the spread of carbon-monoxide in the environment to stop damaging it. There are all spheres of life in which scientific research is taking place but it is very difficult even to mention all these in this essay because of the space.
Despite the fact that over the last two decades scientific research has developed in great extent giving everybody more benefits however at the same time it has gone under the influence of commercial or business institutions. There are many reasons as to why the scientific research has become under the commercial influence. For example, as mentioned by Parkinson & Langley (2009) that in Great Britain the academic research in geology and chemical engineering is normally linked with the oil industry and similarly the...

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