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Scr Virtual Network Proposal Essay

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Proposal for AB Community College Virtual Network

Group 2
May 11, 2012

A Proposal to Develop a Virtual Network for AB Community College
The task at hand is to develop a Virtual Network for AB Community College (ABCCVN) which will provide students with access both on campus, at remote locations and from their personal computers.   This document will explore both the hardware and software required to build and operate the system as well as the resources necessary to maintain the system once it is fully operational.   In addition to the initial and maintenance cost, the document will provide several different options for cost, which will include a number of hardware and software vendors.   In addition, the virtual network configuration provided will afford the best environment for AB Community College.
System Definition
ABCC has requested that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) be designed that will accommodate six hundred students located in the Largo, Maryland area as well as two hundred off campus simultaneous connections.   The ABCCVN configuration should support six computer labs with 15 computer stations each, for at total of 90 workstations; one open lab with forty computers;   at least 200 off campus simultaneous connections for a total of 330 possible workstations.   Although there are only 600 students currently in the area, however, the system will be designed to be scalable so that future demands can be met with little or no modifications.  
The ABCCVN should be available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week (24/7).   In addition to the systems being available, it must also be secure and protected from both outside as well as inside threats.   The students should be support with at least 2 versions of a Linux environment and versions of Microsoft 7, Microsoft XP, Microsoft Server 2008, and Microsoft Programming environment.   The users should only require a computing device and can have standard browser applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox,...

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