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Scrap Fee Analysis

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Ethical issue discussed in the paper has formed recently during the economic crisis. The aim of this paper is to analyze the recent scrap fee paid by various governments to the citizens that were willing to scrap their old car and buy a new one from the showroom. The impact of this bonuses paid on the car industry and the ethical point of view compared to other businesses with such bonus fees. The impact on the other industries and the confusing results of the whole scraping fee action worldwide. We shall analyze the ethical issue here, which is the fairness of such bonus paid to one key industry   and not paying to the others as well.

The economic crisis stroke out hard, infiltrating the most markets and spheres of business. Governments around the world struggled to ease the impact of crisis on the economies of their countries by providing various plans, actions and regulations. The ideas in Europe mostly came out of the European Parliament, one of the ideas was to support the automobile industry, as one of the key industries, an idea of scrap fee that shall boost the sales in the automobile market and save it from bankrupt. The governments promised to pay a limited amount in bonuses to those that will get their old car scrapped. The bonus would be received when buying a new car from the showroom. The conditions   and the amounts paid by the government varied from state to state, but the overall effect was pretty much same.

The scrap fee bonuses were announced all around the world, starting from United Stared thru Japan ending up in Europe where many European countries contributed. Among them United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and others. The conditions of the scrap fee varied from country to country. The main requirements that differ from state to state were age of the car and the bonus received. Than there were secondary conditions to prevent the speculations with the bonuses like the minimum ownership of the car before announcement of...

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