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Secret Argumentive Paper

  • Submitted by: Karrinbutler1
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: English
  • Length: 1,073 words

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Karrin Butler
English 102: Section 0601
Dr. David Johnson Jr.
Argumentative Essay
13 September 2013
Word Count: 1,069
Shhh… It’s a Secret
It is holds true time again that “The truth may set you free”. Is it ever okay to withhold a secret that can potentially be detrimental to you or to others? Keeping a secret, to put it simply, is a part of our human nature. As humans, we are known to keep secrets for our own self-benefit. Moreover, secrecy is driven by fear in that that individual who is withholding the secret is in fear that if that secret is exposed, than potentially it can cause negative consequences. Secrets can range from something small as that a person breaking a vase, to an enormous, egregious secret as not telling your child who his or her father is. Regardless of the content of the secret, it is still wrong and no secret should be withheld. Some make the argument that something things are better left unsaid. This does not hold true in that when one withholds information, it can potentially be harmful to others or those who are withholding the secret. Keeping a secret also has selfish connation in that it only protects the individual who is withholding the secret. Secrecy can be destructive and detrimental to people’s lives. It can also be the cause of mental anguish from withholding the secret as well. Keeping a secret can be harmful due to the fact that it can affect the safety of others, detriment relationships and lead to mistrust.  
A secret or withholding can contribute the deterioration of a loving relationship. For example, it holds true with relationship between my own parents and their failing marriage. In their marriage, it was to say the least tumultuous due to the fact that there were very egregious secrets that were left untold. When the secret of infidelity that was perpetrated by father rose from the surface, it caused a strained in their relationship that ultimately led to their demise of their marriage. This proves that...

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