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Secret Life Of A Black Man Essay

  • Submitted by: shortygirl83
  • on November 8, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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“My Secret Life as a Black Man”

The black man has to be the most confused human being in this world, because he does not know how to define himself.   If he makes an attempt to become an intellectual and be educated he is often told that he is “trying to be better” than the people around him, or he is not smart enough to compete with others trying to reach the same common goal.   If this same individual does nothing with his life he is considered “trifling”.   When he indulges in anything outside the “stereotypical black man” he is called a “sell out”. Or the very notion of his skin color makes him destined to have a negative impact on this world.   It is impossible for him to define anything about himself, if everything that he does or attempts to do is under constant scrutiny and critiqued.   He deals with critiques from the people who are supposed to love him the most regardless of what he does; his family, as well as the rest of the black community, White America, and all of society as a whole.   “My Secret Life as a Black Man” is just a simple plea from Anthony Walton asking “Why can I not just be me?” and accepted for what I do.
Growing up as a kid, black males learn and grow from the people who are around them the most which is their immediate family.   They teach them how to tie their shoes, read a book, write, shape their young minds, and instill in them ideals, morals, and values.   As they grow they search for their own identity but still hold on to all they were taught as a young child.   They cling to things that peak their interest and stimulate them in some way.   A child does not know if something is specifically geared toward a certain gender, race, class, or culture.   They simply know that they just like it. Walton at early age found that his interests were peaked by many things, “flagrant love the school and the library” (131).   What is so wrong with loving school and the library?   You learn so many things and you can venture to places that you may...

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