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Securing a Wan Essay

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Securing WANs |
UOP IT/242 |
11/19/2013 |

There are different kinds of ways to add security to a WAN (wireless area network).   One way which I personally feel is the best way to keep your connection and network secure is to use encryption.   Encryption is a method in which the data is disguised so that no other outside party, or someone who is unauthorized can see or translate.   The only users that can see past the encryption are one who knows the encryption key.     The disadvantage to this method is that someone might be able to break the key.   For this reason, it is best to use a WEP encryption on the wireless connection as well.   This is not only easy to apply but add a significant amount of protection for the WAN.
Another way to add security to a WAN is by using a proper authentication.   And I don’t mean by just using the old user name and password deal because this system is pretty easy to crack.   Many organizations use two-factor authentication. Usually two-factor authentication consists of something you have and something you know. An example of this is the badge system at all federally controlled airports. The badge is something the employees have, and the code they enter after they swipe the card is something they know.   You can use this method in office buildings as well by having different system operators with logins and passwords with only something they will know for verification.

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