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Security Systems Essay

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Port scans and ping sweeps are two of the most common network probes used by individuals to gain access to company networks as well as personal computers. Ping sweeps and port scans can be dangerous, but can also be prevented.   It is imperative to mention that they are not the real intruder themselves, but attention to security concerns that they can create are worth to prevent.
Ping sweeps is when an intruder sends an ICMP ECHO to a range of machines on a network. Then the machines on the network send a signal back to the intruder to let them know that they are on and in range to begin the organization of an attack on a targeted machine.
Port scans take ping sweeps to the next level. Port scans actually peek at a machine that is alive and scan for an open port. Once it is found, it scans the port to find the service it is running. Once it finds the service the port is running, it gives the intruder knowledge about the system and power. It gives them a step ahead in taking over your machine. Indeed the flows of the method of port scan resides on the fact that is easy to detect by the operating system of the target machine, the reason why hackers will tend to shy away from using them as often as ping sweeps.
The reality is that ways of detection are available for these kinds of probes, and a lot of network administrators use them for diagnostic reasons, like in the case of the fping configuration and ICMP ECHO packets. Most importantly the right education and software, combined with the developing of a consistent security plan well implemented, could be the factors to deteriorate any malicious type of activities in any network.
The fact is at the end of the day that hackers are always one step ahead in technology. Implementing the latest patches, firewalls, and updates to keep up with top intruders is essential. We have to be one step ahead of the intruders in order to win this war against intrusions. It is possible to have a secure network of machines, but...

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