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Seleucids Assault Judaism In 168 B.C Essay

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  • on November 11, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Seleucids Assault Judaism In 168 B.C" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Jerusalem, the spiritual center of Judaism, with its Holy Temple, great Torah academies and large Jewish population, was the natural target for the fiercest enforcement of his anti-Jewish decrees. To drive their point home, the Greek and Hellenistic supporters of Seleucid power built a gymnasium, one of the central symbols of Greek culture, right next to the Temple. This was particularly offensive to pious Jews, because their youth were drawn into the facility and then ridiculed for being "ruined with the flaw of circumcision" on the perfection of the body, which was a completed divine creation. This distortion led some youth to abandon the biblically mandated rite, even though it is essential to the Abraham Covenant. Antiochus had secret deals struck with the highest contributors to his war chest to remove High Priest Onias and place a Hellenistic Jew named Jason into the office, even though Jason was not qualified to hold that post. Antiochus IV followed that outrage by replacing Jason with another wealthy Hellenized Jew named Menelaus, who was just another high bidder. Worse, Antiochus IV sent an agent named Heliodorus to plunder the Temple Treasury. Miraculously, the man was struck blind and disabled before the theft could take place. Eventually Antiochus IV would insist that a statue of Zeus be placed in the Temple itself. All Jews who would not apostatize to Greek idolatry and life-style were to be murdered on the spot. Public prayers, Torah readings, observing the Sabbath, and circumcision were forbidden on penalty of death. Many died rather than apostatize. Some Jews yielded to Hellenization.

In all of Israel's history, whether in the Holy Land, or living as captives in foreign countries, there never was an attack made directly against the religion of the Jews. What follows is a description of the first religious war in history'.

The word Hasmonaean in the Hebrew is "Hashmonaim". Mattathias ben Yochanan and his five sons were priests who ministered...

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