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Self Essay

  • Submitted by: scarla21
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: English
  • Length: 357 words

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Scarlet Lopez
Period: 6
Mr. Radler
English I CP
September 28, 2013

    I will like to introduce myself. My name is . I love music, movies, and
TV shows. If I had to describe myself, I will use these 3 words. I don’t know what my life will
Be without those things.
  First of all, music is my passion. Music means a lot to me. I’ve always loved music. I have
Always been into music, but by the years my taste in music has changed. I listened to Pop, R&B,
Rap and Bachata. I have always like Bachata because I was raised listening to it. Over the years,
I have try listening to different styles of music, but these are my favorites. Many of my favorite
Artists have made movies. Such as, my favorite band One Direction making a documentary “1D
This Is Us” and Justin Timberlake staring in the movie “In Time”.
          Second of all, movies are one of my favorite things. Since, I loved reading many of the
Movies I watch are based on the books. I love Horror, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Mystery,
Documentary, Fantasy, and Action. Also, I watch trailers of upcoming movies and the actors
Matter. If I liked the actors and actresses, I will watch the movie. Even if I repent when I see it.
For example, if Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams, Kristen Stewart, Robert
Pattinson, Mila Kunis (I have many others) make a movie, I have to see it. Many actors and
Actresses that have started on movies are now on TV shows. Such as, Lucy Hale is in the movie
“Scream” and starts in the TV show “Pretty Little Liars”.

  Third of all, I love TV shows. I got into TV shows by reading books about it. Such as, Pretty
Little Liars books written by Sara Shepard. I also found out by changing channels. I like Drama,
Suspense, Comedy, and Reality shows. Actors also matter. If my favorite actors are in TV shows
I will watch the TV shows. I will never miss an episode of my favorites shows no matter what.
I love watching TV.

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