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Self Report Scale

  • Submitted by: saturnin2
  • on November 18, 2013
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In the health-care field effective communication has been shown to produce better health outcomes, grater client satisfaction, and increased client understanding.
For effective communication, we have to identify any barriers to effective communication, such as language barriers, determine if the patient has, a medical condition, such as dementia, which can interfere with communications (De Pietro, 1999-2012).Next step will be to speak in terms a patient can understand. Different patient may have different level of understanding. Being clear and concise, without using complicated medical terminology, is best in this situation. In addition, we have to listen to a patient’s questions and answers. We have to take a needed time to hear our patient, and avoid interrupting. In addition to that, we have to watch for nonverbal communication and look at our patient for signs of understanding what we are saying, look for facial expression, and if the patient looks confused, we have to ask him if he understands what we are saying or if he has any questions. Every nurse has to be compassionate. Patients in a hospital not only are ill, they may be scared and depressed as well. It is very important to make eye contact. That can help a patient feel that we are interested in the conversation. We have to always answer questions honestly and be respectful.
For effective communication in nurse-patient relationship, it is also important to keep cultural differences in mind. Not all cultures believe in all types of medical care. We have to respect differences, and learn from the patient what he or she finds acceptable. To communicate as a culturally competent professional, we need to develop an awareness of the values of a specific client’s culture and adapt our style and skills to be compatible with that culture’s norms. The establishment of trust and respect in a interpersonal relationship with patient and family is depend on open, ongoing communication style. As a...

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