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Semiotics Essay

  • Submitted by: andysa25
  • on November 24, 2012
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Andrea Alcazar
English 103
Professor Andrade
November 9, 2012
Does Clothing Represent Us?
Clothes are essentially made for us as body covering, for warmth and protection. However, clothes are signs of cultures and societies. Each type of clothes within its material gives an idea of a person’s icon. For example, cheap clothes are worn by not wealthy people, which give an idea of a low society and luxury clothes give an idea of a high society. The colors and materials talk for the person who is wearing the cloths. It speaks their way of being and where they are from. This can be explained by the study of semiotics; the science of science/ the archeology of communicative meaning. Semiotics is composed of a sign with two components in it. The sign is the smallest unit that can communicate meaning. The signifier is one component that you can read. The signified is the concept represented by the signifiers. In the biker photo, the animal is the representation of a high culture/society, a symbol of rebellion, strength and masculinity.
In the bike photo, the leather jacket worn by the man is made from a bull’s skin. The sign in this picture is the leather jacket. This leather jacket is read as animal because that is what is made of. In fact, “every sign is composed of a signifier, that is, the image, object, or sound itself- the part of the sign that has a material form- and the signified, the concept it represents”(Seiter 33). As said the leather jacket is the sign composed of the signifier which is the borrowed skin of a bull. This signifier can be read as cool, powerful, wealthy or rebellion. This man could be called as an animal because the bull’s skin itself represents rebellion since these animals do what they do. These animals are known as powerful. Therefore, only ‘strong’ men wear these jackets. These men are especially from the rock and roll society. The society in which smoking, loud music and sex is outstanding. Those three components represent...

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