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Serving Time in Virginia Critique Apush

  • Submitted by: secksydan
  • on November 17, 2013
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There hasn’t always been as much emphasis on recording history.   The importance of the past was never as important as it is to us now. It’s easy for this day and age to keep very accurate accounts of almost any significant event because of modern technology.   Historical records can’t always be taken word for word though, as was the case in Colonial Virginia. Point of view and how it affects records is discussed in After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection by James West Davidson.
One specific example of some historical records that aren’t completely trusted are those of Captain John Smith.   His writings of before coming to Virginia tell of how he led a “remarkably swashbuckling life” (James West Davidson, Page 1).   His journeys included being a soldier who found great fortune, fought for Hungarian nobles and was then captured, and became the slave of a princess who treated him with “much compassion”.   An already difficult to believe story is even harder to believe when there aren’t any other records of a princess by the name he gave.   Some people say that the princess he called “Charatza Tragabigzanda” could have been bad spelling for the words koritsi Trapedzoundos, which means “girl from Trebizond”.
Captain John Smith also wrote about another one of his adventures, this one from his time in Virginia.   While buying corn from the local Indians, he was captured and soon to be executed until the chief’s daughter fell in love with him. Smith’s description of the Indians makes them out to be savage and cruel, and his is one of the only descriptions we have of those particular Indians.   Thinking from his stand point, and being captured and nearly killed by these Indians, they are obviously going to seem savage and cruel to him.   This makes it hard for us to tell what they were really like, because if Smith’s story was embellished or exaggeratory at all we have no way of telling.   So how did the Indians that captured Smith see it?   Some historians believe that...

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