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Seven Sins Essay

  • Submitted by: nenetra
  • on November 5, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Considering the “Seven Deadly Sins” described at the end of the chapter, which of those have you experienced? How have they worked for you and against you? Now that you know about them, what can you do to improve your memory? How can you use this information to help you be successful in college?
After reading the seven deadly sins from chapter 3, I realized that I have experienced at least two of them. First one was the second “sin” of memory, Absent-mindedness. Absent-mindedness is when you suffer a retrieval failure caused by shifting your attention elsewhere.   The examples in described in the book are perfect because it pretty much happens to me almost everyday. For example, finding your keys. As simple as it sounds, I misplace things a lot. At work I am always misplacing my pens, note books, work documents etc… In the past two weeks that’s been happening a lot. Now I know why. Being distracted is the reason for it. Work, college, and in the past two weeks my uncle has been very sick and all my focus has gone entirely to those three things. In order for me to improve my memory, I would have to clear out all problems and concerns I have in my mind. This is very important information because now I know what is happening every time I cannot concentrate or forget simple things for my college courses.   Another “sin” is Blocking. Blocking happens when we loose access to the information we have in our memory. It happens almost every time I am having a conversation about movies.   I always forget the names of the characters and actors, even though I know their names. It seems like I have their names in the tip of my tongue.   Also it happened to me a couple of times when I took and oral test, and I couldn’t remember simple questions. After reading about blocking, I’ve learned that has to do with stress as well. Stress can produce blocking and distraction. Blocking affected me a little because I was not able to pass those oral tests and had to re take them in result of...

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