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Sexual Harassment in Workplace Essay

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Final HR Application Report – Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
HRMG 3001-1/MGMT 3003-1
                      In this paper sexual harassment in the workplace will be defined, identified and alternative solutions to the prevention thereof in the workplace will be sought. According to internet, sexual harassment in the workplace is defined as occurs when sexual conduct is a condition of tangible employment benefits. This includes salary, promotions, and even continued employment. (Allysontaylor.org) This paper will convey that sexual harassment is any form is unlawful and will not be tolerated in U.S. workplaces.
                  The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) describes sexual harassment as a form of gender discrimination that is in violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. (Outten & Golden LLP, 2010) The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was established to enforce the provisions of the Title VII, the portion that deals with employment. (Mathis & Jackson, 2011)   Title VII coverage was amended by the Employment Act of1972 and the EEOC has interpreted the law to include sexual harassment.
                    According to the EEOC, sexual harassment is refers to actions that are sexually directed, are unwanted, and subject, and subject the worker to adverse employment conditions or create a hostile work environment. unlawful under both state and federal laws. (Mathis & Jackson, 2011) Sexual harassment can be interpreted as employment abuse or abusive power in the workplace.
                  There are two types of sexual harassment. Quid pro quo harassment occurs when an employer conditions any term of employment on the performance of sexual favors. This can occur when an employer forces and makes it “mandatory” to have sexual relations or conduct in order to keep their employment. Hostile work environment sexual harassment...

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