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Short Story Essay

  • Submitted by: MsMickey
  • on November 25, 2012
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She is out of breath from running. She can barely pick up her knees and on the verge of giving up. This Romeo guy has made a bold move and actually confronted her, but he wasn’t trying to be her friend. He was trying to kill her. If he couldn’t have her, no one could. Daniella is running for her life in the woods with no one to rescue her from this nightmare. “Oh no!” she hollers as she looks back to see him closing in on her. She uses every last bit of strength she has to try to sprint ahead of him. She isn’t looking where she’s going and she takes a step over the edge and falls off of the cliff.
Two weeks before this happened I had a very normal and ecstatic life. My sophomore year was going great. I was passing all of my classes, I was co-captain of the dance team, president of my engineering organization, and I was anchor on the 4x200 meter relay. This signified my high school years were going to be great! By the way my name is Daniella James and I am 16 years old. I am a very nice and educated young lady. I live by myself because my mom died of cancer last year and my dad, well, who knows where he is. I have no other family here in Texas, so I slipped through the cracks of the system and was able to live on my own.
This horrible nightmare all started when I met this fine boy by the name of Romeo. When he told me his name I thought it was very ironic. He was a sweet guy. He walked me to all of my classes, carried my books, checked on me, and every now and then he would buy me gifts. When we first started talking, he seemed like the perfect guy. I was head over heels for this boy and, we only had been talking for two days. By the third week we decided to make it official and I was the happiest girl in school. After all, I was dating the most wanted guy in school.
The first two weeks were great! We were always with each other. He walked me to all of my classes and also walked me home. We were inseparable. By the third week I started to notice something...

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