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Siddhartha Essay

  • Submitted by: Mildredperez
  • on November 25, 2012
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  In part two of the book Siddhartha , Siddhartha begins his new life after parting from teachings. He believes that Buddha’s teachings only taught how to reach enlightenment and that he needed direct experience.   He decides to experience the world , which he believed was an illusion. Siddhartha experiences lust and sin. After meeting the beautiful courtesan Kamala, he also learns of the art of love and becomes a merchant. At first his Samana ways make him think of others as childlike. He laughed at their troubles ,quarrels, and foolish necessities. With time he grows accustomed to the peoples ways and wealth.  

  Even living as a regular person did not make him happy but it rid him of his Samana ways. He then begins to feel that he wasted his life gambling, drinking, and learning nothing. Full of misery and despair, Siddhartha leaves town and goes to the river he once passed, to kill himself. There he hears Om and realizes that he was like a child again. He had been reborn into a new Siddhartha. Nearby he stays with the ferryman, Vasudeva, and learns from the river. From the river Siddhartha learns that there is no such thing as time. His life is the river and everything happens in the present. He learns to listen openly and to be patient.

    After the death of Kamala he is left with his spoiled son. Siddhartha then realizes that he loves his son and that it blinds and hurts him. After his son runs away he turns to the river and learns that he experienced the same his father did many years before. Soon he hears many voices in the river saying Om and he realizes that everything is the world. Everything is connected and the world is perfect. Once you understand it nothing harms you and he was happy to be part of the world. He also learned to love the world and with all that Siddhartha reached enlightenment.
  Like Siddhartha I learned a lot while reading the book. First of all the revelations Siddhartha had taught me about how to view...

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