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Silent Films Essay

  • Submitted by: bobobobo67
  • on November 13, 2010
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Throughout time human have had the necessity to express their emotions as a form of art. The world stopped when they first watched on screen people and objects in movement, but time on screen changes, sometimes not fast enough to keep up with our minds and traditions. When people thought nothing better than silent films could arrive, the unexpected happened; the first came out. Their movie stars for the first time had a voice and the public started to be more demanding. They started to pay attention to the screen play, acting, production because they were not ready to handle the idea that their favourite people on screen could barely speak English or, even worse, their voices did not match their outstanding appearance. Sound films or “talkies” arrived and brought unexpected consequences. Although it is true that art in silent films was degraded in some way by the arrival of sound films, it should be recognized that this new invention brought new ways of artistic expression to films.
      In fact the art in silent films was degraded in certain way by the new arrival of sound films. Basically the art in silent movies was determinate by the actor’s abilities, such as dance and pantomime a way of art use it in early 1910’s, based in imitation and elaborated movements and the primordial characteristic is exaggeration of the movements of the body. The majority of the actors in the decade of 1910 came from the theatre and their only skills were taken from there. When actors immerged in the movie field, they brought a touch of art and passion to the screen; it did not require learning dialogues because sound did not exist. It was an atmosphere of art expression, with the arrival of sound that went away on an instant because artist just new one thing “perform” and express ideas through their body movements and they only had the experience acquired from the theatre and movies with sound would require realism.

      Also actors felt betrayed and used because producers...

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