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Silk Road Essay

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  • on November 14, 2010
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Silk Road.
Between 200 B.C.E and 1450C.E, the Silk Road was a mayor trade route that gave way for interactions between Asia and Europe. The change patterns that the Silk Road underwent depended on the strengths of the Empires in the Europe and Asia during a period of time. If the Empire was flourishing so was the trade on the Silk Road and if the Empires were losing ground so was the trade. On the Silk Road, not only were goods   being traded, culture, religious, philosophical and technological ideas were also being exchanged.
The Silk Road originated from Xian during the Han Dynasty in China only trading silk with only Central Asian Tribe. As the Han Dynasty expanded the Silk Road expanded to the Mediterranean and then to Europe. There in Europe trade flourished during the Pax Romana   due a uniform currency, safer roads from robbers, stably and prospering Roman Empire. But after the Han dynasty declined in , China became divided so the trading along the Silk road decreased. Not until the Tang Dynasty did trade along the Silk Road reach its full height. Station along the road was established to shelter travelers and   road were made safer to promote more trade.
In the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongols   who ruled almost all Asia were very interactive with people of the West. The Mongols established a vast empire and also increased trade on the Silk Road. During Pax Mangolia (1270-1340) trade was at its height. The Mongols welcomed traders from the West with open arms and even gave them high positions in the government like Marco Polo. Marco Polo adventures increased trade on the Silk road when the wonders he viewed were expressed in Europe. The Bubonic plague, was of setbacks on the Silk Road. In 1330s the Black Death originated from Asia and spread to Europe. Through this period Europe and Asia participated in little to no trade. There was not much trade in Asia during the Ming Dynasty because almost all the Emperors were ethnocentric and therefore ruled with...

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