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Sleep Apnea Essay

  • Submitted by: knarf23
  • on November 23, 2012
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Sleep Apnea is when someone who has a lack of oxygen while they are asleep. Since many people calls this sleep disorder a “men’s disorder”, the article that I read states that this is a   common sleep disorder among women and researchers believe it is a lot higher than what they believed to be.
People who have this disorder often snorts and take in large gulps of air which throughout the day will cause the person to feel sleep all day. One of the key issues that cause people to have this disorder is obesity. Researchers estimate that about 20 million American adults have this problem but since this disorder is under-diagnosed, they predict that the number is even higher. Also, as men are regarded as a higher risk of this sleep disorder, they get more attention in finding and treatment than women.
In order to prove that sleep apnea is common towards women, researches in Sweden conducted an investigation to see the regularity of sleep apnea among 400 women between the ages 20 to 70 years. Since obesity is the key factor of this disorder, the researchers collected their information by using both questionnaire and monitoring their sleep. From what they got from their results, they found that sleep apnea among women to be a lot higher than what they believed. They concluded that 80 percent of women who were obese with a body mass of 30 or higher had some degree of sleep apnea. Also women who were between the ages 55 to 70 were at higher risk. Finally, 84 percent of women who had high blood pressure also had sleep apnea. So with this study, women might be more of a risk for cardiovascular problem than men. Women who have sleep problems tend to have weight problems than men. They also found out that sleep apnea was closely related to metabolic syndrome with women.
With this research, it is clear that it is not a men’s problem anymore. A good way to help with this problem is to have more treatments for women so it can prevent this sleep disorder from happening to...

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