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Snicket Essay

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  • on October 31, 2010
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After Snicket, Handler, wrote the series for children he turned around and rewrote the entire series for adults. A Gothic Novel about Children Growing up through Terrible Things, as it is called for adults, has the same story line with bigger more detailing words and graphic scenes. He wrote the gothic novel for adults because his children books were selling as well as a best seller and tried the adult world, but in turn it did not do as well as the children books. Most adults read informative, mystery, or religious books rather than a story about children having a hard time growing up with many mishaps. Handler was born in 1970 and raised in San Francisco, where he lives now. He attended Lowell High School and then graduated from Wesleyan University in 1992. Handler came up with the pseudonym Lemony Snicket as a result of he used it to contact right-wing organizations to get pamphlets and learn their dogma. One day on the phone, one of the agents asked Handler for a name to send documents to. He quickly blurted out: "Lemony Snicket". As it does rhyme with “Jiminy Cricket”, it was a slip because   Handler despises the cheery and happy.

      Handler was a child that grew aware that unfortunate thing would happen to children sometimes. Apparently unfortunate things happened to Snicket, Handler, because all of his books are dark and depressing. The series of books A Series of Unfortunate Events is a best seller to children, mainly because children are drawn to that dark other side of life, unlike adults who say “been there, done that, don’t do what I did”. The series contains thirteen books in total. The number thirteen is the number of bad luck, and in the series the children inquire much bad luck and unfortunate happenings.

The movie compared to the books was better because a person can actually see just how dark and depressing the tone really is. In the movie the fire set to the houses at the beginning is caused by the same thing as the fires in the book....

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