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Social Justice Lesson Essay

  • Submitted by: xuarmy00
  • on November 24, 2012
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Eddie Super
Social Justice
15 October 2012
The Dignity for All Students Act has become a very important part of school for students, teachers, and parents.   Students today receive training in ways to promote social justice and teachers are required to no longer turn a blind eye to what they may have once viewed as boys being boys.   Thanks to the internet and social media sites, instances of social injustice can become the center of national attention if allowed to grow unchecked.   It is important for me as a teacher to not only incorporate ideas of social justice in some of my lesson plans, but to also closely monitor my students and take immediate action to intervene if I notice any possible problems.   Although I have only provided a small sampling of lesson plan ideas for my classroom, my overall goal will be to make a connection with my students by incorporating lesson plans that they can relate to their own lives.   Therefore, I will pick topics that make the ideas involved more personal for them, and result in a lifelong change.  
My first lesson on social justice will focus on the Jewish ghettos during the Holocaust.   To help my students better empathize with the struggles and atrocities faced by millions of Jews during the Holocaust, I will bring in pictures and first-hand accounts dealing with the living conditions in the ghettos.   In this lesson, I would briefly provide students with an overview of the Holocaust and describe the ghettos, where millions of Jews were required to live.   I would then utilize maps of the areas to have students calculate the perimeter and area of the ghettos so they can then calculate the approximate population density for the Jews living in these areas.   Once students have made their calculations, they would then make similar calculations for their own house.   My intent would be for students to think about the difficulties of the living conditions involved compared to their own lives.   I hope that this activity would...

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