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Social Promotion Essay

  • Submitted by: lindsayymariex
  • on November 11, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Have you ever known someone with a high school diploma that was unable to read or do simple math?   This is a result of a practice known as social promotion.   Social promotion, also known as grade inflation, is the act of promoting students to the next grade without them having the skills of that grade level’s standards (Ellis-Christensen).   While some ideas supporting social promotion may be valid, in the end it is not beneficial to students throughout their school careers or later on in their lives.   This has been an ongoing issue for a few decades, and is still a topic of controversy.  
The idea of social promotion is viewed differently by many.   Supporters of social promotion argue that keeping a child back, otherwise known as retention, corresponds to a higher dropout rate.   Allowing a child to develop relationships with his or her peers is essential(Ellis-Christensen).   Retention may affect a child’s self esteem and the way he or she interacts with others.   Often enough, a student that is held back also has behavioral problems.   Think about how a fourteen year old sixth grader with behavioral problems would affect the rest of the class.   Is it fair to subject all students to these kinds of distractions?   Also looking at the benefits of social promotion from an economic standpoint; it is very expensive to fail students and add another year onto their schooling.   Some may say, why bother to waste the money on a student repeating a year when they are likely to drop out anyway.   These are a few of the reasons why social promotion is supported and why it exists.
While the idea of social promotion has good intentions, in reality, the practice of sending a child into the next grade level when they are unprepared is wrong.   “The most frequently repeated grades are kindergarten through second” (Westchester Institute For Human Services Research).   The material learned in these grades is essential to success in the grades that follow.   Learning to read, write, and...

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