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Social Psych Essay

  • Submitted by: acooper9
  • on November 25, 2012
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Social Psychology
A brief observation of social interaction in society
Abraham Cooper II

Social Psychology
A brief observation of social interaction in society
Abraham Cooper II

Social Psychology
Social psychology is not only one of the easiest sections of psychology to understand, but its almost one of the most important in my opinion. Social psychology applies to our general day to day life; it encompasses social thinking, influence and the relationships we form, and why and how they each interact with one another. I took the time to observe how these aspects of social psychology applied to people going about their business at the mall. Being that it is the busiest time of the year, the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, was the ideal location to observe and record the correlation of social psychology with everyday activity. There were many concepts and theories that I noticed and were able to add to my observations, but I chose to expand more in depth on the ones which I felt I could personally discuss without having to go through lengthy definitions that I couldn’t explain in another context.
One of the first concepts that became evident in my research at the Fox Hills mall was the attribution theory. The attribution theory is defined by the suggestion that people explain others’ behavior to either their situation or to that person’s internal disposition (Myers 2007). There are many different individuals that you come into contact with at the mall; each with their own backgrounds, living conditions and personal experiences. Some may be friendly, while others are more reserved and in some cases aggressive and hostile which can all be credited to that individuals internal and external situations. For example, upon my arrival in the mall, I accidently cut off a lady who was turning into the same aisle of the parking lot as I was. Looking back into my rearview mirror, I could see the woman fuming with anger because I was about to take the only available...

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