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Social Science Essay

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  • on November 16, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Social Science" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Every human on this globe has certain characteristics that separate them from other people. If we all had the same characteristics, everyone would be the same and we wouldn’t be distinct from one another at all. The way you do things and the characteristics that you share are witnessed around the people around you. Everyone has certain things that there better at than everyone else, which could be judged in a positive or negative way. If you’ve never gotten in trouble before, you would be considered a good person because everyone gets into some kind of trouble at least once their whole life. If you make a living kidnapping toddlers, you would definitely be judged in a negative way. No one wants to be around a killer to humans but it makes the person distinct because you very rarely see kidnappers. There are also human characteristics that are shared by everyone, such as the power to either love or hate the people around you. These characteristics are very common and they could be a problem to the world around us. They could also be a positive problem, such as a dad loving their kids and buying them everything they want.
      First of all, unique things are characteristics or things you do that make you completely different than the people around you. Personally, I have a couple different unique characteristics that separate me from other people. When I was younger, my grandfather died and we became very close. Before he died, he told me to keep his cross necklace and wear it in memory of him. Everytime I go to church and something really important, I always wear the necklace. This is very unique to me. I am also super picky about relationships. If you’re a pretty girl but you party nonstop, you not going to do me any good. Too many things can happen once you get alcohol in your system and they tend to not know what there doing, which the trust factor becomes an issue. Every night, I have my own workout, where I do 150 push ups and 350 sit ups. It’s pretty much a...

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