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Socialization Into Professional Nursing Essay

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Socialization into Professional Nursing
Angela Bowman, RN
Winston-Salem State University

Socialization is a lifelong process; it is a process that we all go through beginning in infancy and continuing throughout our lives. Nurses experience socialization as well. It begins as we start our education in nursing and continues throughout our careers as nurses. Although there are many stressors, transitions and new experiences that a nurse will go through as part of the socialization process, it can also be very rewarding, leading to more confidence and more opportunities. New graduate nurses often experience the socialization process as something of a reality shock when entering the workplace, but this is only a transition phase and can be worked through just as other transitions to come. Although each nurse’s socialization process will follow a similar path, it will vary somewhat because we are each unique individuals. Socialization into professional nursing is yet another transition phase that the nurse may choose to enter by furthering their education and commitment to the profession. As a nurse we must determine what our goals and ambitions are and act on them.
Keywords: socialization, transitions, nursing, practice, professional, goals

Socialization into Professional Nursing
Socialization, according to Creasia and Friberg (2011, p.53), is “the process of becoming- acquiring knowledge and skills and internalizing attitudes and values specific to a given social group”. As nurses we go through a unique process of socialization as well. This is “the process of learning the skills, roles, and values of the profession, with the outcome being the development of a professional identity” (Creasia and Friberg, 2011, p.53). Each nurse’s socialization process will follow a similar pattern or path, but will also be a unique and slightly differing process for each individual. The process of socialization of the nurse begins when the individual enters...

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