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Sociology Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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There is a socialization process which starts with the birth of a new born child; this part of socialization is called primary socialization. Primary socialization is when children first begin to learn about the basic values and norms of society from their family and community around them.
Everybody including myself has gone through the process of learning how to speak, when I was a baby my parents and older sister would speak to me and when they spoke certain words over and over again I would be able to define which person was which from the way they would say mam and dad, and then learn to actual speak certain words. In this children including myself and everyone who has developed speech.
What they learn from their family and close community will enable the child to develop their own unique identities. The main identities they will acquire in the process of primary socialization are their gender, ethnicity and sexuality. The identities formed in childhood will remain throughout people’s lives, and are much more difficult to change in adulthood than other identities.
Primary Socialization is very important for the development of a child as in some minor cases notable “Feral Children”; children will never develop a comprehensive amount of speech or basic human interactions.
The next process iam going to discuss is Secondary Socialization, this is a the process that takes place away from the family and close community, such as through the education system, peer groups, the workplace, mass media and religious institutions.
The education system is where children will learn and gain a great deal of knowledge about their own society and also about the norms and values to which they will be expected to conform as adults, The peer group is a very powerful socializing influence as the pressures to conform and the fear of rejection from this group may have a big impact on an individual’s self identity and behaviour. The workplace is a very important aspect in the...

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