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Sociology New Right Essay

  • Submitted by: elishaK
  • on November 17, 2013
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The New Right perspective emphasizes the idea that lone-parent families are a burden upon society.

Should the government look after them by taxing other people?
The New Right argues that lone mothers who are reliant upon the government for financial aid bear a strong responsibility for helping to undermine the values of society. In particular, they argue that children are harmed because there is no father to provide financial support and to help socialise the child into the normal values of society. However, many people are firm believers in lone parenting as it can result in advantages for children who are raised by single parents and therefore support the idea that the government should look after them by taxing other people.
The government should not look after lone-parent families by taxing other people as it is ultimately the lone-parent’s decision to have a child and therefore they should have the independence whilst being financially secure in order to successfully raise a child without risking their wellbeing, along with this idea it could be argued that providing them welfare provides an incentive for their irresponsible actions. However, it could be argued that the lone-parent did not intend to have a child. This is supported by the fact that 92% claim not to have become pregnant deliberately and it is an unforgiving society which punishes them and their children by refusing to give them state benefits as a result not receiving funding and help of the government can be suggested as unjust. As a result this idea would be supported be Liberal Feminists because a key belief is equality and so all children raised by lone parents should have support.
It can be viewed as unfair for a working person’s salary to be reduced for the benefit of an unemployed lone-parent as many working people also have children. Those with New Right views particularly blame the generosity of the welfare state for the growth of lone parenthood. Charles Murray (1990) argued...

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