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Solders Essay

  • Submitted by: denyeart
  • on October 28, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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I would like to start off with thanking everyone for coming out today.   The people we are going to honor today, many times get the short end of the stick when it comes to being recognized for their actions. These people usually sacrifice everything to keep us safe, and ensure the freedoms this country enjoys on a daily basis. These people are our first line of defense; they are the voice of our nation, what they do reflects on us. These people are the might of our U.S. military. We call them solders.
I think it is time we honor them for the things they sacrifice to keep us safe and free. First off; how many of you can tell me something they have given up, in order to help someone you did not know?........ These solders do this every time our country feels threatened by an outside and even sometimes an internal force. They never ask for thanks, they do not expect anything in return. Don’t get me wrong, there are always some bad apples in a group, but as a whole these people leave their families behind, they leave jobs, they leave the security of a normal life behind. They do all of this so that we as civilians can go about and live our normal lives, so that we can be with our loved ones, so that we can feel secure. When you look around can you tell which one of us was or is in the military? The difference is they choose to lay their life on the line so that we can sit here and listen to each other give our speeches today. There are people out there who tend to look at what the bad apples are doing but I say let’s look at what the vast majority stand for. Throughout history since the founding of this great country, our fellow men and women have fought for their freedom and their rights. It all started during an event that took place on, December 16, 1773. This event was forever known as the BOSTON TEA PARTY. That day would forever set us on a path of freedom , with which we entrust to these solders to protect. Everyday these people swear to...

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