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Solving Problems and Solutions Essay

  • Submitted by: rswish20
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Without obstacles, we would not be able to better ourselves. In order to become successful at something we must go through a situation. We have done some hurtful, mistakes in the past but we have the future to change it and make us wiser as people.
When I was younger, other students and sometimes adults would make fun of my twin sister or just stare at her. Everyday when we went to school a kid named Josh would say “look at that midget” and then laugh. I was unaware someone was making fun of her until she kept coming home everyday crying. I would get mad or even cry with her because I did not know what to do but felt bad because she was my sister. I never understood why people had to make fun of some else just to make themselves feel better and still don’t. Come to find out, there was something wrong with the kid that kept making fun of my sister.
I learned from experience, there are very judgmental, disrespectful, rude, people in this world. I hated seeing my sister upset and tried everything to make her feel better. It worked sometimes but not all the time. Also, if every single person in this world looked, acted, and did the same thing, the world would be very boring. It would be like going to school with your brother or sister everyday for eight hours. I also learned, people make fun of other people because they want to see someone else hurt just as much as they are which is very wrong. We should not put people down; instead try to help one another as much as possible. We should not call each other by different names other than the one that were given to us at birth unless told other wise. Name calling is not pleasant. Just imagine if you were in that person shoes that’s always getting made fun of, how would you feel? I always try to treat people the way I would want to be treated seeing my sister have to go through bulling at a young age. I love her to death and will always give her words of encouragement. I utilized this and seeing when something happens to...

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