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Song Analysis

  • Submitted by: sanderson2394
  • on November 24, 2012
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“This is not what I intended.”   Have you ever said something hurtful during a fight that you later regret saying?   Well John Vesely, singer and songwriter for the band Secondhand Serenade also felt this way, which is why he wrote the song “Fall for You.”
This song sounds like it starts off with a couple that has hit a rough spot in their relationship.   The song shows us a relationship slowly deteriorating to a point where it seems like there is absolutely no way to save it.   It seems like there is nothing good about their relationship except that there is finally no fighting.
This song takes us through the challenging stages of their relationship.   The song takes us to the point where it seems pointless to keep trying to fix the relationship and then something happens.   He says, “But hold your breath.”   He is going to find a way to change what has happened to their relationship.   He sees what his life would be like without his girlfriend in it and he realizes that he needs her to be a part of it.  
He knows they have had their fights, but he wants to forget about the past and move on.   He says, “Don’t make me change my mind or I won’t live to see another day, I swear its true because a girl like is impossible to find,” he admits that she is an incredible girl and he does not want to have to live without her.   Whatever happened between them to make them fight was apparently his fault.   He says,” you always thought that I was stronger,” the music and the lyrics together sound like an apology and it sounds like he is truly sorry for what he has done.  
Towards the end he says “So breathe in so deep, breathe me in, I'm yours to keep,” he wants his girl to take a deep breath and rethink everything.   He seems to be saying that whatever happened before will not happen again, she is the only girl for him.   He wants it to be clear that he will never make that same mistake again.

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