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Sony Marketing Essay

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Sony Marketing
Aiko Morita and Masaru Ibuka are the people behind the successful story of Sony, a company which became the world’s number one global corporation. From a pocket-sized transistor radio to the present electric appliances, Morita and Ibuka, have not stopped to create and innovate products that meet the local needs of the costumers. Sony operates with local operations and afterwards used a tried- and- trusted global concepts and technologies.
To fulfill the company’s goal in a worldwide arena, Morita continued his effort to be more creative in its inventions, product planning and production and in marketing as well.
Between Sony and its competitors, “Creativity to make inventions” makes a big difference it is because Sony consistently invented new products to satisfy the modern needs of the costumers. “Creativity in product planning and production” focuses on producing the right products on the right time. Creativity doesn’t end in the production of products because the most important I believed is the “Creativity in marketing". Creativity in Marketing generally involves formulation, testing, deeper thinking, research, understanding or interpreting ideas and looking deeper into the mutual benefits for the costumers and the company itself. This is a kind of marketing which will not only advertise cleverly but something that would look deeper on the insights of the costumers. These unique kinds of creativity adapted by Sony have been very effective and therefore became the key success factors for Sony.
In a question whether Sony is vulnerable or not, some experts such as F-secure cited a Sony software, Root Kit” installed in their personal computers that creates hidden directory are believed to be vulnerable to be attacked by hackers. The said software that hides itself is not capable of detecting viruses and other malicious software (Reuters, 2007)
As an electronic innovator, Sony has been lately vulnerable for criticisms. They were criticized of...

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