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South America Intercultural Communications Mining Essay

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How to Better Interact When Conducting Business in South Africa

Presented to:
Richard T. O'Brien
Newmont Mining Corporation

Prepared by:
Ryan Enerson
IC Pro Consultants

November 5, 2010

IC Pro Consultants
1234 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53703
(763) 227-2399

November 5th, 2010

Richard T. O'Brien, CEO
Newmont Mining Corporation
300 First Avenue
Denver, CO 94089

Dear Mr. O’Brien:

We kindly thank you for requesting a consult with our company.   Utilizing our expertise, the following report highlights key information needed to consider expanding your mining business within South Africa.   This report aims to improve your employees knowledge and provide recommendations that, if followed, will make business in South Africa much more successful.

The objective of this report is, ultimately, to help your employees make an effective transition to South Africa.   Our strategy involved:
  * Looking at the history of the U.S. - South African relationship
  * Researching the mining industry to determine where opportunity may be present
  * Learning about the cultural norms and what to do in situations
  * Providing intercultural business techniques to consider

Everyone here at IC Pro Consulting wishes Newmont Mining Corporation the best of luck in their future business endeavors in South Africa.   Please contact us at any time if you have questions regarding our analysis.  


Ryan Enerson

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Background: History U.S. – South Africa Relationship 1

South African Mining Industry 2
Role in South Africa 2
Industry Leaders 2
American Involvement 3
Challenges Facing Foreign Investors 3
Opportunity for Foreign Investors 3

Current Issues 4

South African Norms 4
Folkways 4
Mores 5
Laws 5

Tools for Business Interaction 6

Conclusion 7

References 8

List of Figures...

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