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South Park And Groupthink In America Essay

  • Submitted by: guardgirl
  • on November 14, 2010
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South Park and Groupthink in America
Americans are robots. They always go with popular trends. They watch the same television shows like Jersey Shore and anything on The Food Network. They vote for certain people because someone they know is voting for them. They even follow along when a website like PostSecret.com says that someone is going to jump off the Goldengate Bridge and that Americans should go out and try to help the poor someone who probably chose to jump because too many people were bothering them recently. No, Americans are built to follow the crowd. They always have. Wojtek Sokolowski once wrote,           "People are by nature like sheep - they follow the flock and keep up with the Joneses. This, I believe, is the result of our evolutionary adaptation. We succeeded as a species mainly because we could act in sync with a group rather than individually - which means that those with a strong herd instinct had a better chance of survival. This means that people by nature need rituals that create and confirm their belonging to a group. Those rituals may take many forms - from an orgy, to religious celebration, to going to a football game or a rock concert, and to voting to this or that celebrity" (http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/).
Since most Americans own a television set, television is a primary way to get most of information. Television is a great way to sell something, like a product, person, or even a viewpoint. Television shows like South Park are based mostly on politics and making fun of the way that Americans follow trends. South Park leaves no stone unturned; whether it is religion, tolerance, or politics, South Park shows Americans think together and cannot be divided.
Americans always talk about how they can think for themselves and be individuals; they emphasize that they have freedom of religion and the right to choose everything that they do. Some Americans believe that they live in what Karl Popper terms an open society. David Valleau...

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