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Spanish Paper

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Spanish Manila: Globalization and America’s First Chinatown
Globalization makes economic and trade all over the world more effective, it has brought market integration. In the sixteenth, the world history changed a lot. World trade grew up. More and more occidental went to the east. And the east began to trade with the west. In the early sixteenth, China and Spanish were the most powerful countries in the east and the west. The Galleon trade between China and Spanish lasted more than two years. At that time, Manila was the transit depot between China and Spanish.  
The ship route connected China, Filipine, Mexico and Spanish. At that time, on the annual March, the boats with great amount of goods like silk cloth, chinaware set sail from Yue gang, Guangzhou and Xiamen. For about 15 to 20 days the galleons reached to Manila. Then they began to trade. The traders were Minnan( people of the southern Min kingdom) or Hokkien in their own language(dialect). Some of the goods were kept by Pilipino, some were sold to Mexico. The good which were going to sell to Mexico would be load up to the Manila galleons, and the galleons would set sail on June. For about 5 month, the galleons reached Mexico. After trading, the galleons would go back to Filipine with gold and silver. When they came back, the Chinese businessman changed their goods to gold and silver.
The Manila ship route played an important part at that time. It not only offered necessary goods to Filipine and Mexico, but also offered plentiful gold and silver to China.

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