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Speculative Fiction Essay

  • Submitted by: essayman777
  • on November 13, 2010
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Russell Haug                                                                                                             4/13/09
Thematic Essay                                                                                                         Period 2

During the time period between 1920 and the start of World War 2, changes in governmental structure and leadership occurred within the nations of Germany and Japan. These changes were brought about by the use of force and violence. Japan and Germany used their highly trained and heavily equipped militaries to expand their influence through territorial conquer. Economic burdens also played a role in the invasions of other weaker nations throughout Europe and Asia because of their envied natural resources and to expand their ideals of Nazism and Militarism. While Japan and Germany used brunt and bloodshed to achieve economic and political aspirations, major western democracies and peacekeeping organizations gave little aid to countries that fell victim to these attacks and for the most part looked the other way when totalitarian nations used force to disrupt order. The use of force by certain countries to disrupt order and the lack of action taken against these nations to preserve order were significant contributing factors to the outbreak of World War 2.
      In Japan and Germany, changes in government were brought upon by the economic hardships that its citizens were facing at that time. Many Japanese citizens blamed their government for the economic downturn, when it reality, it was most likely due to a global depression that was occurring at that period in time. Japanese militarists who promised to restore economic prosper through territorial expansion won support amongst the Japanese people and quickly won the country over. However, the military leadership kept emperor Hirohito in power, and he believed that raw materials that he would obtain from foreign expansion would stimulate the Japanese economy....

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