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Speech Codes On Campus Essay

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  • on October 26, 2010
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Freedom of Speech on Campus

Many students and some teachers abuse their right of freedom of speech on campuses and schools because they threaten someone, talk in offensive language, or say wrong things about other people that aren’t true. Students’ threats can be an issue towards the school board and all its members. For Example, one of the students from BHS stick a note in bathroom saying that there is bomb in the building and everyone had to be evacuated from the building immediately. Students think that freedom of speech means that they can say whatever they feel like it and freely express themselves and their opinions, but they don’t know that there are some things that you are not allowed to say. “While freedom of speech gives us the right to verbally express how we feel, it does not give us the right to curse and abuse other people. Some things require self-control and respect. But unfortunately there will always be those who will pontificate that they have a right to do whatever they please” (Kaye Grogan, Renew America). The Students who uses offensive and hate language doesn’t recognize that they are hurting someone’s feeling and it might turn into violence if they don’t stop. It can also affect students learning environment.
“Freedom of speech and freedom of expression does not give a person the right to do things that are detrimental to society as a whole” (Kaye Grogan, Renew America). Abusing the rights freedom of speech on campus can lead to violence because people say offensive things to others in the expression of hatred and racism. “The issue is gaining traction beyond campus borders. Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill that would encourage colleges to ensure "intellectual diversity" — that is, that all viewpoints are represented.”   “Speech codes and other restrictions became popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s as campuses looked for ways to address the growing number of racial minorities on campus, along with concerns about sexual...

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