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Starbuck Coffee Essay

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Group 4
ISB MBA Strategic Management Mbus 2
Oct   28th, 2012
Dr. Nguyen Huu Lam

      List of Group 4
  1. Phan Huynh Van Thao
  2. Truong Thi Xuan Thao
  3. To The Ha

A. Question for group
A key executive at Apple has learned of your considerable skills in strategic analysis and has hired you to develop a strategic plan that will enable Apple to improve its position in the computer and mobile phone industries, maintain its leadership position in the digital music player industry, and achieve rapid success in the tablet computer market. In developing your recommendations, you should assess the computer, mobile phone, and personal media player industries. You should also assess Appleā€™s competitive strength in its key product categories and analyze its recent financial performance. Finally, the plan should offer specific, actionable recommendations that will allow Apple to improve its position in the computer, mobile phone industries, maintain its leadership position in the personal media player industry, and ensure success in the market for tablet computers. Your recommendations should be well supported with arguments and justifications for each recommendation. Your report should include 2-4 pages of recommendations and whatever supporting charts, tables or exhibits you deem useful.
Strategic planning for Apple Inc. has by far been very good this year. With Apple's big thinkers came the development and launch of new and innovating technologies, such as the iPad and Macbook Air, to the market. After being the first company to successfully launched the first and its own unique handheld touchscreen computer tablet, which was a great accomplishment because it depict the new level of innovation by Apple, it forces other companies (Motorola, HP, ETC...) to establish their own line of handheld tablets to compete with Apple's iPad. Not only did Apple profit greatly from the iPad but the company also launched the iPad 2 months later after...

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