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Stem Cell Research Essay

  • Submitted by: yellowcow4
  • on November 17, 2013
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There is a plethora of serious health problems with cures researchers have yet to discover. Many of these abnormalities are a result of cell destruction and the inability to create more specialized cells. These specialized cells, also called neurons, develop during the fetal stages of life.  They begin as stem cells which can transform in any type of cell the body needs, but once it becomes a neuron the plasticity disappears. Researchers have discovered that stem cells may be the first step to curing health problems related to cell loss because of their plasticity.  However, stem cell research is greatly controversial because stem cells come from fetal tissue and in order to access them, abortion must be legal. Although, people are against abortion, this research should be continued to help people live happier and healthier lives.
Many pro-life individuals oppose stem cell research, for the researchers need cells from embryos to advance their findings. They believe that the "unborn are distinct living and whole human beings" (Brahm), meaning that stem cell research is almost as unethical as animal testing. These people feel that embryos are distinct creatures and deserve the right to live, so abortion is wrong. This makes stem cell research unethical. However, the embryo is not yet a human being so no harm would be done. Fetal tissues may also be the solution to many incurable illnesses which justifies their right to perform stem cell experiments.
Stem cell research does not harm anyone or anything. The embryos are not yet human beings, for they do not possess the characteristics of a person such as emotion or personality. They also do not have the ability to think or make decisions for themselves. Embryos have "practically no vital function" (Kaplan). They depend on their mother for all life functions making it the mother’s choice to proceed with an abortion. Once it the abortion is performed the researchers do no harm to the fetus. They use them to help other...

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