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Stephanie Essay

  • Submitted by: Steph0121
  • on November 17, 2013
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Although we bear some minor similarities, the differences between my best friend Catalina and me are very clear.
My best friend, Catalina, is nineteen years old, she graduated from high school and is a sophomore in college. She is very shy and really loves her quiet time for studying. She has more of a relaxed attitude toward her schooling. My best friend Catalina wants to get her RN in nursing and believes that she will make more money than I will. I, on the other hand, would like to be a physical therapist assistant, and I believe that I will make more money than she will. Cat is into many sessions for tutoring and is more of a tomboy than many other girls. Although, we are friends our physical appearances are quite different. Catalina has more of a light complexion. I have more of a dark complexion.
On the other hand, I am eighteen years old, and a freshman in college. I like to be with a lot of people at once and have a lot of activities going on. I do not take my time on classes even though I try hard to finish what I have started. I love reading magazines, watching television, or taking naps. I like to have more one-on-one dates whether it is with friends or my boyfriend, instead of being in a study group. I try to stay focused on school, doing all of my homework before anything else.
Although, I am younger than my best friend Catalina, I am much more petite. My best friend Catalina has golden brown hair and I have black hair, although mine is curly. Cat has light brown colored eyes while I have dark brown colored eyes. My best friend Catalina has different values, beliefs and traditions than I do. Catalina enrolled in the college that I had planned on attending a few months before I did and I have not seen her since I have started school.
My best friend Catalina was more into sports in high school than I ever was. I was more of the color guard type and she was in track. Cat likes the colors blue and green, while I like the colors pink and purple. Even...

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