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Stereotypes Essay

  • Submitted by: librablue
  • on November 25, 2012
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Racial Stereotypes
          Stereotypes can be found for every race and ethnicity. The majority of racial stereotypes are often created by misapprehension of the culture of other races. Some of them are not true, but most people believe these ethnic stereotypes and give their views based on the stereotypes. Moreover, sometimes racial stereotypes are used to deal with some special cases by police within the bounds of the law. Therefore, it brings people who are often associated with these stereotypes a lot of inconvenience in their daily life. There are three authors who are talking about different racial stereotypes in their articles. The first article "The Myth of Latina Woman" (1993) by Judith Ortiz Cofer argues that the negative stereotypes Latian women encounter throughout the world due to the media create cultural misunderstanding. The second article "Who Is a Whiz-Kid?" (1997) by Ted Gup claims that Asian-Americans are good at mathematics is one kind of ethnic stereotypes. The third article "You can't judge a crook by his color" (1999) by Randall Kennedy contends that using racial profiling to deal with problems sometimes is useful but it is wrong. According to three articles, we find that racial stereotypes increase cultural conflict and racial discrimination and have big effects to people and the society. First, some ethnic stereotypes damage the normal life of people, sometimes people feel uncomfortable and cheesed when they meet problems. Second, racial stereotypes increase cultural shock. Some individuals are too blind to make them stand apart, so it is difficult for them to make friends with others. Third, because stereotypes provide the characteristics to different race, people lose their own traits. In general, even if some stereotypes are talking about the positive things, they have negative aspects to individuals and the society.
          When the racial stereotypes appear around our life, some people are finding that it has some...

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