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Steve Job Essay

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Steve Jobs is bold and fearless but is not irresponsible. This makes him incredibly easy to follow and place trust in because he continually makes informed choices that are risky but generally not flawed. He clearly understands how to approach challenges when the odds are stacked against him. For instance, a more recent example from his career was when Apple was beginning to make its first tentative foray into the music business—an industry that had historically been as far removed from computing as one could imagine. In his approach, he actively sought out “the top five US record companies directly to negotiate their backing, and reportedly demonstrated the service personally to skeptical artists such as Mick Jagger and U2s Bono” (Director, 2003, p. 15). In short, he is willing to take the road less traveled—while a traditional view might have held that it would have been more prudent to approach the companies in a far less direct way and simply hope that they “got” the concept of this new way to appreciate (and of course buy music) his direct selling approach literally changed the way the Western world came to know music.
This act of thinking outside of the box builds loyalty. Jobs is a strong, enigmatic character who takes calculated risks and who will not be ignored. This extends from his organizational philosophy to his understanding of how he should connect with the users of his products. “Steve Jobs eschews traditional marketing approaches like focus groups and consumer studies. He has an uncanny ability to take the pulse of the marketplace, bringing out now just new products, but new ways of shopping” (Warren, 2008, p. 15). Not surprisingly then, this same innovative and “outside of the box” thinking carries over to those in his company. While many are afraid of him as he can be at times brash and impulsive in more general decisions, he is nonetheless one who is willing to consider all angles of a situation—a valuable element to any CEO or organizational...

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