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Story of Sandy Sediment Essay

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The Rock Cycle: Sandy

Hi! My name is Sandy, I’m a metamorphic rock like other metamorphic rocks, but I used to be an igneous rock like you! I’ll tell you how it all began.
One fine sunny day, as I said before I was an igneous rock so I mostly stood like a statue on some parts of a volcano, I was adapted to the heat there so the temperature was normal. I met some other igneous rocks in my lifetime and they’ve all been very friendly and kind, we talked about how spectacular it would be to see the perspective of a metamorphic rock or even a sedimentary rock. So I lay still on the crumbling rocks, day dreaming about what my friends and I had talked about, and after I lost my mind in my dreams, the unexpected happened. The weather started to change and the strong wind caused erosions, I was blown down and kept rolling until I had been blown somewhere unfamiliar with my memory, it looked like the shape of a volcano – only thicker, shorter and streams of water ran across the surface. I kept on rolling and crumbling into pieces (I had not known why) until I became crushed-like sediments of what I originally was: an igneous rock.
I got caught in the running water and was carried to the bottom of the mountain; I kept ‘swimming’ until I stopped at the end of the stream. I had nowhere to go since I’m a rock and rocks can’t move so I ‘sat’ still waiting for what was to become of me. But one thing for sure, I did not expect more and more crushed-like sediments of my kind to be carried all the way where I was, but as many more came they started to sink as I did and pile on top of me, I was being compacted and cementation had started to begin. Earlier before I said how spectacular it would be to see the perspective of a sedimentary rock or metamorphic? Well guess what? I had become a sedimentary rock! I yelled and hoorayed in delight thinking of all the possibilities I could do and see.  
But my journey wasn’t over yet, I started to feel warm and hot – it was weird...

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