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Strategic Analysis and Strategy Evaluation

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RMIT International University Vietnam
Bachelor of Business Program  


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Subject Code: | BUSM3309 |
Subject Name: | Strategic Management |
Location where you study: | RMIT Vietnam – HN |
Title of Assignment: | Assessment 1: Strategic Analysis and Strategy Evaluation  |
File(s) Submitted | |
Student name: | Tran Quoc Huy Hoang Nguyen Quang Duc |
Student Number: | S3357714S3325116 |
Student Email Address: |   S3357714@rmit.edu.vnS3325116@rmit.edu.vn |
Learning Facilitator in charge: | Nguyen Manh Hung |
Assignment due date: | 7/4/2013 |
Date of Submission: | 7/4/2013 |
Late Submission Approval | No |
Number of pages including this one: (Please number your pages like this: page 1 of 7, page 2 of 7, etc) | 10 |
Word Count: (Main Content) | 2580 |

Strategic Analysis and Strategy Evaluation
Honda Vietnam within the Vietnamese motorcycle industry.

Tran Quoc Huy Hoang – s3357714
Nguyen Quang Duc – s3325116

Executive Summary 3
1. Background Information 3
2. Macroanalysis - PESTEL Framework 3
Political 3
Economic 4
Social 4
Technological 5
Environmental 5
3. Porter’s Five-forces model 5
4. Resources and Competences 7
5. Business Strategy 8
6. Suitability 8
References 10

Executive Summary

Honda – The power of Dream is a Japanese brand, which produces many different types of vehicles to enhance the human mobility like motorbikes, cars, or jet planes. However, motorbikes and cars of Honda seem to the ones that can get a lot of market share in over the world especially in Vietnam. Honda has entered the Vietnam market since 1997 and now is holding the largest market share in term of motorbikes in Vietnam.

Honda in Vietnam provides 2 main products: cars and motorbikes but this report here will focus on the motorbikes of Honda to find out more about the business strategy that helps the company to get the top...

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