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Street Harrasment Essay

  • Submitted by: kale2525
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Women around the world have to deal with many taunts or harassments throughout their life. Street Harassment is known to be one of them. In the article, “Hey baby! Women speak out against street harassment”, by Emily Smith, the author explains how protective & nervous women are as they walk on the streets, sit on a train, or ride a bus, & this is because they are scared to be sexually harassed.   Fear and discomfort is what actually defines sexual harassment and you don’t always have to be physically abused in order to be sexually harassed. Many people might consider their comments on the train or bus, to other people as a “compliment”, but they don’t realize that what may have been a simple hello might’ve helped a woman feel more threatened or abused.
Also, in New York 60% of incidents of Sexual Harassment happen on the streets, & the sexual comments alone inspire a lot of terror within women. This makes people wonder why Catcallers think its okay to do this. Well Part of the reason lies in how our community defines sexual harassment in public areas. At work, there is a government-approved definition, which basically states that sexual comments are not allowed & there are punishments given to people who don’t follow the rules. But on the streets, people feel that the rules are almost nonexistent or blurred. This causes men too think that it’s okay to make a girl feel uncomfortable or threatened.
I personally feel that this issue of Street Harassment has turned into a Global problem, and it definitely seeks more attention. Although, Street Harassment was known to be normal a couple decades ago, I am glad it’s raising a lot of awareness today & Women are speaking up for themselves. In my opinion, these so called “compliments” women receive, in public transportations or on the streets should not be ignored. Instead, people should go report it as a sexual harassment, so that others realize how hurtful and scary it is and they don’t repeat that...

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