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Streetcar Named Desire: Stanley Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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In this play Tennessee Williams describes Stanley in many ways. Not only in a direct way, most of the time he describes him by showing the way he actss. His attitude towards people and specially towards women can tell a lot about his personality. In this essay I am going to talk about how Stanley is, or at least how the author is picturing him in “A streetcar named desire”.

The first aspect about Stanley that we can see is his posture with Stella. At the begining of the play he throws her a package of meat saying “catch!”. He is somehow treating his wife like a dog, telling her to cathc that. He does not like women taking part in waht he considers men’s activities, for example, poker. He does not give any money to Stelle, and even hits her. He thinks he is some kind of a king, and he shows it by saying “Every Man is a King! And I am the king araound here, so don’t forget it!”. This is showing us that Stanley is indeed chauvinist.

Another important part about this character is his brutal nature. “Animal joy in his being is implicit in all his movement and attitudes”. He does not only throw things, break whatever his hands can reach but he also hits Stella, his very own wife. He is a strong man but that does not give him the right to use such violence all the time. He acts in a primitive way, “eats with his fingers”, “has an animal’s habits”. ”Theres even something - sub-human - something not quite to the stage of humanity yet!” - those are words Blanche sais to describe Stanley. She even calls him an ape, and she certainly has reasons to do it..

On the other hand there is his relationship with Stella. It is something physical, only physical. A proof of this is that they have big problems while Blanche is there, and it is not just due to her snob influence. The fact that Blanche is there means they cannot have any privacy and therefore no intimate relations. The base of their relationship is sexual, and when that is taken away from them they have serious...

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