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Strength Essay

  • Submitted by: kingdunbarii
  • on November 19, 2013
  • Category: English
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My audience is people of any gender in their teens and older. They have and education past middle school. These are people who know the standard definition of the word strength, but I want to enlighten them on another meaning of it. These people already indentify strength as being strong, as in being able to life weights in the gym or something. They think it is an asset in life that is used to impress their peers and to be able to do physical work. These people probably think that physical strength is good to have for your personal benefit. To be physically strong is good for your health and protection. To have physical strength is good, but for some it is a bad thing. Bullies abuse their physical strength, and cause pain for people who are not as strong. Everyone in my audience has gone through a mental challenge in their lifetime. Mental strength is an amazing asset to have. Being able to control a tough situation you are in is a great thing. As people get older, they gain more mental strength because they have gone through more challenges in life. Anyone who disagrees with that is probably the younger section of my audience. Some of them might argue that they can have just as much mental strength as a fifty year old man because they have gone through a lot, say something common like growing up watching their parents fight all the time. I want my audience to understand that mental strength is a greater asset to have than physical strength.

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