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Strong Response Essay

  • Submitted by: jpadilla0623
  • on November 9, 2010
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Strong Response Essay Draft
Nearly three thousand years before the advent of Christ evidence of the art of tattooing has been discovered. Today tattooing is all the rage. The permanent art display can be seen everywhere from television to blockbuster movies, and magazine advertisements to billboards. Tattoos have become a common place in today's culture, so much so that regardless of laws restricting tattooing to persons over the age of 18, many teens can now be seen adoring new motifs.
This new movement was addressed by Dr. Andres Martin in his article "On Teenagers and Tattoos", which dove into the psychological reasoning of teens who get tattoos. Martin raised three main point in support of his article citing identity, ownership and incorporation, and the quest for permanence. He asserts that youth tattooing can be   understood as "self-constructive and adorning efforts, rather than prematurely subsumed as mutilatory and destructive acts."  
It was the middle of a new decade; one that marked a change in society. No longer were the days of the Mullet, haphazard clothing and bubble gum bands. The 90s was in full swing and I was too; a sixteen year old trying to identify with something popular. Up until now I was a social introvert with less than a handful of friends. American Online chat rooms were the Facebook of the day and I spent hours upon hours hammering away at the keyboard engulfed in conversation with people who lived miles away. Eventually I met a young girl and we hit it off well. Our cyber chats soon flourished into a "committed relationship." I had finally felt acceptance and wanted to commemorate the relationship, but also signify it solidity. Tattooing was just becoming popular among youth and there is nothing more permanent than that, so I went for it. Being too young to get tattooed in a shop, I decided I would go for it on my own. Using a sharpened paperclip and a bottle of Indian ink, I proceeded to tattoo the initials S.B. on my ankle.

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